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Шаг за шагом от простого к сложному начни свой путь профессионального инвестора
Want to make money with crypto but don't know where to start?
Learn everything that you need to know about cryptocurrency, including mining, investing, trading and more. iCrypto Academy is your quickest way to get all the information you need on cryptocurrency.
Let's play NFT live!
You want to take the plunge into the world of tokens, but don't know where to start? This course is ideal for novices who want to learn all about the basics of cryptocurrency. Learn how to buy, trade, invest and sell cryptocurrency.
Want to invest, but strapped for time? Take your trading and investing to the next level.
This course is for those who already have a job, but want an additional source of income.
Want to have multiple income strategies to expand your business? Then this course is right for you. Learn all about how to invest in cryptocurrency, which will be an excellent additional source of income that doubles up as a great investment too.
We have courses to cater to different needs. For those who want to start making their money through crypto investing, here are courses specially designed for you
Buy, store and sell cryptocurrency

Get an insight on how the
cryptocurrency market works
Get an investment strategy
Create your portfolio
In this course, you will be able to:
"Crypto market gives you great opportunities to earn and multiply your investments that are not available in any other industry."
Five years ago, bitcoin was the buzz word in the world of cryptocurrency and it still serves as digital gold. In recent years the market has seen an emergence of altcoins that have taken the market by storm.
Why learn about cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is now a market for IT projects, whose tokens are traded on exchanges. These projects have different purposes, from separate independent blockchains, to different platforms, decentralization tools and protocols.
Cryptocurrency is here to stay and as time passes by, it is actively entering the lives of people and has partnered with various technology giants. It is becoming a means of payment in various places.
An understanding of how investment works and current ways to earn money.

How to buy cryptocurrency profitably.

How to create wallets and start storing crypto securely.

How to trade on exchanges.

How to build your own investment portfolio with different coins.

Learn about technical and fundamental analysis to buy assets at the best possible price.

Understand what money management is, and how to reduce all risks.

Get the easiest and most profitable investment strategy for beginners.

What will the intensive course cover?
Investor, Trader, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Financial advisor, Author of unique training courses, Speaker of iCrypto World company

Dmitriy is an entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience, who successfully started and still is operating 2 business projects: restaurant business and military tactical games.

He has more than 4 years of experience in Forex trading and crypto investments. He thinks there's a great opportunity to diversify your holdings with a cryptocurrency assets.

As a mentor, financial advisor and business process automation specialist, Dmitriy launched his own platform which provides unique training courses including personal consultations, analysis and mentoring support.

His motto is to dream, set goals and achieve results.

In 2021 he became a partner and investor of iCrypto World company. With a mission to educate people and inspire ideas about blockchain, cloud mining, DeFi technologies and NFTs, he shares his experience on company's YouTube channel and iCrypto World regular webinars.

Dmitriy participated at various blockchain events and conferences such as AIBC Summit, Blockchain Life Moscow, Future Innovation Summit, Crypto Expo Dubai.

Dmitriy Harlanov
Co-founder of iCrypto.World company, entrepreneur, business coach, motivational speaker, blockchain tech consultant

Nawal is one of the pioneers in the Blockchain and IT technology. As an expert with 15 years of experience in business coaching, investments, strategy, and partnerships, Nawal made a great contribution to global business markets.

As the Co-founder of iCrypto.World Company, Nawal focuses on business development and growth of the Company. Working with the team, Nawal made a significant impact in creation of Company's iCW token and successfully represented it on Crypto EXPO Dubai.

With a mission to inspire and educate people about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, Nawal participated as a speaker at various blockchain events and conferences.

Nawal Kishor
Crypto trader, Investor, Crypto instructor, Founder of Bitcoin school, Speaker of iCrypto World company

Anton started his career as a Forex trader, and since 2017 has been actively investing in Bitcoin and trading various assets.

In 2018, Anton founded Bitcoin school in Yakutsk and began cooperation with iCrypto World company, which provides cloud mining services.

Today Anton runs his own YouTube channel and actively uses Telegram, where he shares tips on crypto trading with his subscribers.With a mission to develop financial knowledge, Anton helps people learn about ways they can minimize risk and be strategic about their investments and take active and confident role in managing their finances.Anton leads an active lifestyle and participates in various crypto conferences and events as Future Innovation Summit, Crypto Expo Dubai, Blockchain Life Moscow.
Anton Ivanov
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